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Mr. Boswell has an active certified general contactors license in Florida and is an experienced new home builder.

We can design and build a home on your lot, or build according to your plans and specifications.  We can also build a house for you on your lot using our plans and specifications.

We also have construction management services and construction inspection services where we monitor construction progress for owners engaged in building projects using third party builders, contractors and subcontractors.

We also have software that can depict your design in 3-D.  We have excellent costing data and software to third party double check other construction numbers.  We are not only current on what is popular but will be popular in residential design and construction.  

We can give you accurate cost scenarios as you change your design whether a residential project or a commercial project.  This is a valuable service whether we build your next project, or are looking for a third party opinion.

Nelson Boswell, Jr., the GC of record for NELSON BOSWELL, LLC is also a very experienced real estate appraiser.  Over the past thirty-five years he has personally appraised residential property of all types, single and multi-family up to many millions in value (for a single property).  He has also performed commercial real estate appraisals of convenient stores, warehouses, vacant land, retail space, condemned property (eminent domain), offices and apartment buildings. All and all, these amount to thousands and thousands of real estate appraisals.

All of these types of properties were appraised as existing structures, or from plans and specifications.

Put that all of that experience to use in your next construction project.