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Nelson Boswell, SRA, St.Cert.Res.Real Estate Appraiser & Certified General Contractor, is a qualified expert witness in matters of real estate appraisal & construction/remediation cost estimation through out the state of Florida and headquartered in Hillsborough County (Tampa) Florida.  He is also a qualified appraiser expert witness in the US District Courts of Northern and Middle Florida & the Middle District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. Mr. Boswell is also an expert in Appraisal Regulation per the new Dodd-Frank Act and Title XI of the FIRREA law passed in 1989.

NELSON BOSWELL, LLC; 813-215-7384

Also specializing in Homeowners Insurance Appraisal Clause.  This does not pertain to real estate market valuation, but instead pertaining to the invocation of the appraisal clause by the insured and the carrier in the settlement of a loss award.  A major aspect of a loss reward is often accurate remediation and repair of structure estimation, as well as ascertaining other losses incurred by the insured and covered under the policy.

Mr. Boswell also specializes in the appraisal and cost estimation of complex, unique or one-of-a-kind, high-dollar-value residential property, especially where an accurate Cost Approach by way of a Professional Cost Estimate provides support to the estimate of market value.  This is even more the case if expert witness testimony might be required.  We are very proficient in the latest version of Xactimate Cost Estimating software and other types of cost estimating software.

A professional cost or remediation estimate involves more than just using software.  There is a process and a methodology (just as in real estate appraisal process and methodology), where the estimator arrives at a Final Cost or Remediation Estimate using standard construction cost estimating procedures.  No matter how complex the estimate, it should be logical and easy to understand.

And it is best done by somebody who has actual contracting and building experience.

States don't license cost estimators.  States do license professionals who perform cost estimates as a part of an ongoing business practice.  Among the best license and qualification for such an assignment is a State Certified Class A General Contractor (includes any building type).  Furthermore, an experienced seasoned real estate appraiser is skilled in report writing technique.  This lends itself well to producing a well supported, well written cost estimate.

Qualifications of Nelson Boswell, SRA, St.Certified Residential Appraiser FL, State Certified General Contractor FL - Click ExpertWitness

We perform appraisals and cost estimate services in the following areas of FL:

  • Hillsborough County real estate
  • Pinellas County real estate
  • Pasco County real estate
  • Hernando County real estate
  • Citrus County real estate
  • Polk County real estate
  • Manatee County real estate
  • Sarasota County real estate

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